Asana and Movement

Neck and Shoulder Release

This area of the body holds mental tension and is continually subjected to poor postural patterns.  Take a few moments to relax, open the chest, stretch the shoulders and pay attention to the breath.

Neck and shoulder release

Mandala Namaskar ~ Hip opening and mental focus



The Foot “Practice”

1- massage foot, touching all parts, including the ankles

2- gently roll a tennis ball on the sole of the foot (this is most easily done sitting in a chair)

3- sustain compression with a firm “bouncy” ball on each of the numbered spots of the foot (see chart below) for three to five breaths.  *note* this should not be painful.  Regulate pressure of the foot on the ball so it is not too intense.


4- following figure “3” on the chart above, roll the “bouncy” ball down the foot from each toe joint to the heal.

5-increase mobility of the toes by picking up a marble with each individual toe.

6- thread the toes of the feet together, alternating big toe on top.  This is like clasping the fingers and then changing the clasp.

7-finish this practice with “legs up the wall” pose or with your feet on a chair for 5-15 minutes.


Tennis Ball “Practice”

tennis ball practice


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